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Queen of the Heavens - A novel by Kingsley Guy

How does a girl born a commoner become Queen of Egypt and mother of Ramesses II, one of history’s greatest rulers? Possessing the ability to make the lame walk and the blind see, Tuya attracts the attention of the royal court and begins a romance that takes her to the pinnacle of Egyptian power and intrigue.

For those who dwelled along the Nile, the gods and goddesses known as the Neters weren’t just images carved in stone. They made the sacred river rise and fall and the sun move across the sky. The Neters would lift their mystical veil for Tuya, reveal themselves in all their splendor and invite her into their world.

Queen of the Heavens explores the Golden Age of the Pharaohs in vivid detail as it brings the past to life. Tuya endures as a woman for the ages who still holds the power to heal and inspire.